Friday, February 24, 2012

Project X (2012) Movie Review

Coming into this movie, you might just expect a mindless party movie, but it's quite a bit more than that. It's  a movie that, supported by an excellent cast of actors, a superb script, and an excellent soundtrack.

Chronicling the exploits of three high school students looking to gain popularity before college rolls around, Project X throws you into and endless torrent of laughter as Thomas (Thomas Mann), Costa (Oliver Cooper), and JB (Jonathan Brown) plan and live the biggest party imaginable.

The high point of the film is certainly the script, which is sure to deliver laughs from start to finish, although the story does become subject to questioning by any rational man. Questions such as why the police aren't more involved with a 1500-man party and why there are seemingly no real consequences for high-end property destruction. Those gripes aside, the film manages to effectively do all it sets out to do: detail the party of your dreams.

All of the excitement of the party (which you will doubtlessly feel through the film) is enhanced by a brilliantly devised soundtrack that blends various genres and musical styles with pieces that perfectly match the on-screen action. Were this not enough to convince a skeptic that Project X is a film worth paying for and sitting through, it should be brought to their attention that one of the biggest draws is the way the three central actors deliver the script. They perform with such a naturalism about them that it's hard to call their collective performance as a tightly knit group of friends anything less than breathtaking.

What might come as the biggest drawback to the film is the excessive sexual content, but what else could one expect from a party that involves both drugs and alcohol? That said, it's not the kind of R-Rated movie that it would seem fair to bring young children to.

All things considered, Project X is a phenomenal visual feast that succeeds in more than just appeasing the "party-kid" demographic. It's the kind of movie that's so much fun, the experience won't end even in the days following the last of the closing credits.